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Roseville property managers wear a lot of hats. We manage the day to day operations of your investment property by collecting rent, answering questions, and ensuring your tenants are following the terms of your rental agreement. Our most important functions include protecting your property and your financial stability. We do this through understanding the laws, placing the best possible tenants, keeping your finances organized, and responding to maintenance and repair needs.

Legal Protection and Compliance

California has a number of laws and regulations that pertain to landlords and tenants, and it’s our job as your management company to understand those requirements and make sure you are in compliance as a landlord and rental property owner. There are also local and federal laws to know, and things change quickly. We keep up with the legal changes and make sure to protect you against liability and lawsuits. This is an increasingly tenant-friendly state, and your property manager is careful to keep you covered.

Tenant Placement and Retention

A good property manager will also find highly qualified tenants for your property. We handle the marketing for tenants, screening of applications, and the entire leasing process. Keeping a good tenant in place is critical for your ROI, so we make sure your tenants are happy and successful. Our eviction rate is low and our retention rate is high. Property managers can keep your vacancy and turnover times low, and ensure you’re earning the highest possible rent.

Transparent Accounting

As property managers, we provide a careful accounting of every dollar your property earns and every dollar that’s spent on it. We document everything and provide a monthly statement every time you receive rent. We can also pay your mortgage, HOA fees, taxes, and insurance if you’d like us to take care of that. At the end of the year, we’ll help you prepare to file your taxes by preparing your 1099 and providing any documentation you need.

Maintenance and Repairs

Preventative maintenance is important to preserve the condition of your property and protect its value. When tenants report a repair that’s needed, your property manager will assess the situation, dispatch the appropriate vendors, and ensure the problem is taken care of before it leads to larger and more expensive problems. Your property manager should ensure that the vendors working on your home are professional, licensed, and affordable. We are prepared to handle emergencies as well as routine problems.

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