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Pets are very popular with tenants, and unless you are comfortable limiting your tenant pool dramatically, it’s a good idea to allow pets into your Roseville rental home. Many landlords hesitate because they fear the animals will cause property damage. That’s a valid concern, but people often do more damage than their pets. A good pet policy will protect you from any potential damage and also ensure your home gets rented quickly to a high quality tenant.

Increase Your Deposit

When you have tenants moving in with pets, collect a larger security deposit. You don’t want to ask for a separate pet deposit, because proving that damage was caused by an animal could be difficult. Simply increase the deposit and then use that money after a tenant moves out to fix any damage that occurred. A refundable deposit is better than a non-refundable pet fee, because tenants will want to get their deposit back, so they’ll have incentive to keep your property in great condition.

Require Renter’s Insurance

Renter’s insurance is inexpensive and a great way to protect both you and your tenant. These policies include liability coverage, which should be required when a tenant moves in with pets. If a dog bites someone, the renter’s insurance can cover that claim and you’ll face less legal exposure.

Include a Pet Policy in Your Lease

Your lease agreement should include all of the expectations you have for tenants with pets. You can require that the property remains clean and treated for fleas. Make sure the lease states that this will be at the tenant’s expense. Include a pet addendum that lists the responsibilities of pet owners. When you’re screening your tenants, screen their pets as well. You don’t want to rent to any dangerous dog breeds because your own insurance might not cover them.

Many people who own pets turn out to be great tenants. As long as you have a pet policy in place that requires an extra deposit, cleaning, and insurance, you should be able to welcome tenants with pets into your property without putting yourself at risk for extensive property  A cat photo that represent a Pet Policy and What is It and What Does it Include in Roseville, CAdamage.

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