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Roseville Property Management Tenant Screening Process

The tenant screening process is a critical part of Roseville property management. Placing a bad tenant can cost you money and result in damage to your property. It could cost you more than a vacancy, and that’s why it’s important to take your time screening applicants and establishing a consistent set of rental criteria for anyone interested in your home.

Provide a Detailed Application

The first part of your screening process is collecting an application. Make sure any interested applicants have access to your rental criteria so they’ll know if they have a chance at getting approved before they apply. Your application should collect all the information you’ll need to conduct a thorough background check. Ask for proof of identification, and personal information like birthdates and social security numbers. Collect the full names of anyone who will be living at the property and get their current and former addresses. Ask for contact information for past landlords. Finally, you’ll need a signature that authorizes you to run a credit check and a background check.

Rental History

Make sure there are no prior evictions in your applicant’s rental history. Talk to landlords and find out whether the tenant paid on time, left any damage at the property, and gave proper notice before vacating. Ask about pets and whether the terms of your lease were followed. If they have a record of being good tenants, chances are good that your applicants will perform well for you, too.

Conduct a Background Check

Your background check should include looking at credit and criminal history. Don’t settle for measuring the credit score; take a look at whether they have unpaid debts to utility companies and former landlords. You don’t need someone with perfect credit, but you do want a tenant with a proven record of paying bills. A criminal history may not automatically disqualify a tenant, but you want to make sure there isn’t a history of violent behavior or drug-related convictions.

Screening a tenant properly takes time and resources. It’s worth your effort, however, because a good Keys with a green house keychain for screening a tenant properly by Sunburst Propertiestenant will contribute to your success as a landlord. If you have any questions about Roseville property management, please contact us at Sunburst Properties. We offer professional property management in Roseville, Citrus Heights, Folsom, Rocklin, Granite Bay, Sacramento and the surrounding areas.