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How to Get Your Property Ready for Rent with These Tips in Roseville

Before you begin advertising your Roseville rental property or screening for tenants, you need to make sure the home is ready for the market. Great tenants will want to rent great properties, so you need to ensure yours is clean, habitable, and attractive. Make sure everything in the home is working and then focus on things like paint, flooring, and cleanliness.

Create a Great First Impression

Touching up the paint in areas where it’s faded, dirty, or peeling is an option, but consider painting the entire wall. This will give it a fresh, clean finish and tenants will appreciate the effort. The floors need to look new as well. Replace any torn, stained, or damaged carpet. If the carpets seem to be in good shape, give them a good steam cleaning just to make them look fluffy and fresh. Have the home professionally cleaned and maintain the cleanliness throughout the time that the property is on the market.

Pay Attention to Landscaping

The exterior of the property needs to be just as inviting as the interior. It’s even more important, because if a prospective tenant doesn’t like the way a house looks from the street, they likely won’t bother going inside. Make sure everything is trimmed and mowed. Present a landscaping plan that is attractive but easy to maintain.

Avoid Common Mistakes

Many landlords will start advertising and showing the property before it’s ready. The home won’t be clean, things will be in the process of being painted and fixed, or appliances and lights won’t work. You can’t show a prospective tenant a property and promise that it will be fixed up and ready before move-in. You have to show that it’s ready now, otherwise the best tenants will pass.

A property that’s ready for the rental market will be leased quickly by high quality tenants. If you have any questions about leasing or property management in Roseville, please contact us at Sunburst Properties. We offer professional property management in Roseville, Folsom, Citrus Heights, Rocklin, Sacramento, Granite Bay, and the surrounding areas.