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It’s easy for maintenance issues and repair needs to sneak up on a landlord. When something needs to be fixed or replaced, it might feel unexpected. However, as professional property managers, we see routine and emergency maintenance issues every day. Today, we’re discussing some of the most common repairs that you’re sure to need at your Roseville rental property.

Problems with Garbage Disposals

Garbage disposals tend to provide some of the most common requested rental repairs. With garbage disposal issues, it really doesn’t matter how new your property is or whether it’s in excellent condition. Garbage disposals will get stuck. It’s especially a problem because of tenant error. A lot of tenants throw items down the garbage disposal that don’t belong there. Some of the things that get caught and stop the system are rice, oatmeal, coffee grounds, and even avocado pits. This is a repair we find our maintenance crew taking care of very frequently. Be prepared to fix your garbage disposal from time to time.

Big Ticket Issues and Major Repairs

Some of the most common and more expensive repairs that are needed include issues with water heaters, repairs to the HVAC system, and plumbing problems. We recommend having these things inspected and serviced on a regular basis because they are so costly to fix. If you have an HVAC technician come out to your property to check and clean the heating and cooling unit, you are less likely to have a major repair that’s needed. A good plumber can make preventative visits to check for leaks and inspect he water heater for rust or wear.

We also see a lot of repair requests due to clogged drains. Sometimes, these repairs are the responsibility of the tenants. Try to work with your tenants so they understand their responsibilities. Make sure they’re changing the air filters regularly, and ask them to report any minor leaks or water damage immediately. Good communication can help you avoid some of these common repairs and save you money on your maintenance costs.

Repairing and Replacing Appliances

Appliances often need work as well. This usually depends on the age of those appliances. If you have a refrigerator that’s breaking every year, you might want to consider replacing it. When you upgrade to newer appliances, you’ll have to fix them less. They’re also likely to be more energy efficient and a lot more modern. This will make tenants happy and make your property more appealing. Consider replacing instead of repairing appliances if they are older.

Repairing and Replacing AppliancesBroken sprinklers also account for some of the most common repairs we are always prepared for. Make sure you have a plan for winterizing your rental property and that you’re always checking your irrigation system to ensure it’s working properly and not causing any damage to the house or the yard.

If you have any additional questions about maintenance and how to prepare for it, we hope you will contact us at Sunburst Properties. We’d be happy to serve as your Roseville property management resource.