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As a landlord, you’re going to be responsible for much of the wear and tear that occurs at your Roseville rental property. When you’re determining how much you’ll need to spend and when you’ll need to spend it, it helps to know the average lifespan of particular items and systems.

Today, we want to help you by talking about some of the typical items that you’ll have to replace, and how long you can expect them to be of use to you.

When and How to Replace Carpets

Carpets can last about seven years depending on the carpet type and the amount of traffic that comes through the house. Nylon is definitely easier to repair and maintain than some of the other carpet fibers. Generally, you can expect to replace your carpets every seven years. Remember, if you’re not going to replace carpets between tenants, make sure you give them a professional shampoo. Even worn carpets can look fluffy and new when they’re properly cleaned.

Interior Paint on Walls

Paint inside of your rental property is usually pro-rated over a three-year lifespan. You may notice small nail holes after a tenant moves out, or perhaps furniture will leave scuff marks on the walls. These are not damages for which you can charge the tenant’s deposit. These are normal wear and tear items which the owner is responsible for repairing or updating. So, you may want to paint or at least touch up the walls more frequently. However, we recommend a complete fresh coat of paint every three years.

Rental Property Appliances

For appliances that you provide in your property, we estimate that most of them have between six and 10 years of use. This obviously changes depending on how often the tenants are running them. Some appliances will need to be replaced sooner and some seem to last forever. .

Replacing Your Window Blinds

Sometimes, window blinds just need a good cleaning. You can decide whether they need replacement when you inspect them, but if you’re willing to have them cleaned thoroughly between tenants, you can usually extend their lifespan for years.

Water Heaters and HVAC Systems

Water Heaters and HVAC SystemsWater heaters are usually replaced every eight years. HVAC units can last up to 15 years before they are in need of replacement, especially when they’re well-maintained. We recommend you have water heaters and HVAC systems serviced and inspected as part of your preventative maintenance plan. This will save you money and allow you to keep your systems working for longer than they otherwise might.

As you’re shopping for things like carpet, appliances, and window blinds, remember that the life expectancy will definitely increase when you choose to buy higher quality items. You’ll notice that there are different pricing options when you’re installing these things in your rental home. Lots of landlords choose rental grade quality. If you want longer life expectancies, you’ll need to invest in a higher quality when you’re buying.

If you have any additional questions about what we’ve discussed, please feel free to contact us at Sunburst Properties.