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As a rental property owner, you want to make sure you place the best tenant in your property. We have found that many great tenants would prefer to rent from a professional property manager instead of a self-managing landlord. Good tenants often feel strongly about this, and today we’re explaining why.

Professional Property Managers Have Better Availability

Tenants want to know that their needs will be met as soon as possible. If there’s an emergency maintenance, they want to know that a system and a person is in place to handle that emergency. Most property management companies are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week for any maintenance issues that arise or questions that need answers. We are essentially on call at all times.

Property Management and Legal Compliance

Property management companies also understand the federal, state, and local tenant laws. And, we follow them carefully. This gives your tenants a feeling of security. They know they won’t be taken advantage of and that they’ll be treated fairly and consistently. Tenants will also feel more comfortable enjoying their home because they know their property manager won’t show up at the property out of the blue like some self-managing landlords do. We see that happen more often with landlords who are on their own.

Property management companies are also regulated by the California Real Estate Commission. We have to do everything by the book, which means we follow the law and respect the rights and responsibilities of our tenants. When properties are self-managed, landlords don’t necessarily know the law or how to follow it.

Quick Response Times are Valued

Property management companies are also quick to respond to maintenance issues and repair requests, even if they are routine and minor. Someone is available to answer the phone or record an emailed maintenance request. We also have access to a large list of preferred vendors and contractors who can respond whenever we need them. Qualified tenants know that self-managing owners don’t have the same resources. They won’t be able to respond to emergencies if they’re on vacation or at work or dealing with family commitments. If they don’t already have a great relationship with a plumber, it’s going to be difficult to find one in the middle of the night when a pipe has burst.

Property Managers are Prepared for the Unknown

Professional Property Management versus DIYWhen a property is self-managed, tenants know that they are essentially getting a wildcard when it comes to their landlord. They aren’t sure who they’ll get or how qualified they’ll be to collect rent, enforce the lease, and provide a safe and habitable home. When tenants choose to rent from a property management company, the entire leasing process will be more predictable. Prospective tenants can also do a little research and look at a company’s reviews. They will know what to expect.

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