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As a professional San Jose property management company, we can tell you what we do for our owners, or we can let our property management team members share some experiences with you that show you what we do for our owners.

This is the first from the Field series, and we hope you’ll find it interesting. We expect Diane’s story will also help you understand what it’s like to work with Sunburst Properties, and how we can help you have a better rental experience.

Diane’s Experience with Birds

Hi, I’m Diane, and I’ve been in the property management industry for 23 years. I took over the management of a property for an owner who I knew, because we had met a couple of years previously. A tenant had just been placed in the property, and now the owner wanted me to step in and take over the day-to-day management of the property and its tenant.

This is something we do all the time, so I was happy to have the client trust me with the management of their property. One of the first things I do when we begin managing a new property is a thorough walk-through of that home. I could tell almost immediately that it was a nice property, and the inside was well-maintained.

I checked out all of the bedrooms in the home, but there was one room that I could not get into.

When the tenants finally allowed me inside of this mysterious bedroom, I discovered that they had birds inside the room, and those birds had completely taken over the space. They were not in cages and they were not controlled. These birds were flying everywhere.

While I was there staring at all these birds in amazement, the tenant asked me to fix the heating vents, which were all eaten and pecked at from the birds. There was bird poop all over the wall and all over the floor. It was a complete mess.

Removing Tenants with Compliance Issues

Ultimately, I ended up having to let those tenants go because they never wanted to cage their birds. They were told that if they weren’t willing to keep those birds in cages, they would have to leave.

We had to send professionals into the home after the tenants moved out to do a deep and thorough clean. It was such a horrible mess. After they moved out, those tenants left behind all of their property, including two dogs and a few of those birds that had caused the major mess. We had to have animal control come out and take the birds and dogs.

Removing Tenants with Compliance IssuesThis story is just one example of how good tenant screening and regular property inspections are crucial.

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