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The Roseville rental market is always going to drive the value of your property. Unfortunately, you don’t have much control over the market and how it behaves. You do, however, have all the control you need over the condition of your property. Well-maintained homes that are modern, comfortable, and attractive are always going to rent for more than those that are deteriorating or lacking the amenities good tenants are seeking.

We’re recommending five home upgrades that can increase the value of your Roseville rental property. They’re far more cost-effective than renovating your entire property, and you’ll find that they increase what you earn, attract better tenants, and reduce your vacancy time.

1. Pay Attention to Paint

Start with the basics. Fresh paint can make any rental home look brand new. If you’re preparing your homes for the rental market or turning it over between tenants, give the place a fresh coat of paint. This will look far better than touching up areas that are faded, scratched, or imperfect.

Use a neutral color, but don’t feel bound to the off-white shades that show up in every rental home. Light grey can work and so can different taupe or beige hues. Paint the baseboards and the door trims white for extra texture and interest.

2. Better Lighting Inside and Out

Tenants are looking for well-lit kitchens and bathrooms, and the outdoor lighting should make them feel secure and safe. These improvements will help you provide a better rental home, and they can make a difference in what you’re charging.

Incandescent bulbs are inexpensive, but they’re not very efficient. Try halogen or LED lights. You’ll have to spend a bit more, but the lighting will be more appealing. Dimly lit kitchens will not impress tenants, and they’ll want to have enough light in the bathroom.

Outside, consider a motion light on the garage or on the side of the house. If you’re renting out a multi-family property, make sure it’s easy for tenants to walk from the parking area to the house.

3. Energy Efficient Appliances

Tenants are paying more attention to the appliances in their rental homes, and you want to make sure that they’re willing to work with the refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher that you’re providing. If those appliances are mismatched or older than most of your potential tenants are, consider replacing them. New appliances will immediately increase your rental value, especially if they’re energy-efficient models that are likely to save your tenants money on electric bills.

Stainless steel is nice, but you don’t have to install expensive appliances. Just make sure they match and they’re modern. If you’re not already providing washers and dryers, consider installing those as well. In-unit laundry is a big seller for tenants.

4. Hard Surface Flooring Instead of Carpet

Inexpensive carpet is typically found in rental properties, and if you want to set your home apart, consider pulling up that carpet and installing hard surface floors instead. Hardwood is lovely but it’s also expensive. You can put down laminate floors, tile, or even faux hardwoods that look clean, smooth, and modern. Tenants are willing to pay more for homes without carpet because floors are easier to clean and maintain, especially if they’re moving in with kids or pets.

5. Landscaping and Curb Appeal

The first impression you set for your prospective tenants will help them decide whether they’re willing to pay the rent you’re asking. Attention to curb appeal and landscaping will increase your rental value by setting a welcoming and attractive entry into their new home. Mow any grass and trim any trees and bushes. Put out a few pots of colorful flowers. Sweep the cobwebs and debris away from the front door. Set an inviting exterior so you can earn as much as possible on your Roseville rental home.

Rental propertiesThese are our five best suggestions, but every property is different and will benefit from its own specific set up upgrades and improvements. Contact us at Sunburst Properties when you’re looking for additional advice or help with Roseville property management.