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Property Management in the Digital Age: Leveraging Technology - Article Banner

If you’re managing your own rental property, you’ve likely noticed that it takes more time than you expected, especially in California, and especially in the current market. Roseville property management can be a time-consuming and overwhelming task, unless you’re a professional with the systems, processes, and platforms in place that are necessary to do it efficiently and effectively. 

Managing residents, collecting rent, responding to maintenance needs, and tracking finances can take up a lot of time and require a lot of resources. 

In the digital age, leveraging technology to manage properties is essential. With the right tools, we can streamline all of our processes and save time. By automating what can be automated, we’re able to provide extra attention and care to relationships with our owners and our residents. It leads to a better experience for everyone. 

Here’s how we make it work.

Technology and Resident Relationships

Whether you’re working with one resident or a hundred residents, spending time understanding and responding to their needs is important. For a landlord/resident relationship to work, you need to be available. 

Technology helps us track all the details we need to serve our residents better. We can provide an online portal for rental payments and maintenance requests. We can facilitate better communication electronically. We keep everyone informed of important updates via email and text message. 

Residents find us more responsive and faster to resolve their needs thanks to the technology we use. 

Maintaining Investment Properties with Technology 

Maintenance is one of the most important services we provide as Roseville property managers. It can get unruly, especially when there’s an emergency. We leverage technology to track and respond to routine maintenance requests. We use it to schedule preventive services. All of this reduces the number of maintenance emergencies we need to respond to. 

With a central platform for tracking and managing maintenance, owners can view invoices and repair requests and we can make recommendations on work that might benefit the condition and value of your property. It provides extra transparency and accountability when it comes to protecting your property

Accounting Statements and Financial Reports 

Managing FinancesManaging finances and keeping track of expenses does not have to be challenging. You simply need to invest in the right software. We’ve done that, and our property management technology allows us to automate the tracking process for all of your finances, saving you time and reducing errors. We can show you in real time what you’re earning and what you’re spending. We can generate financial reports, track expenses, and monitor cash flow, and help you make informed financial decisions about your investment property.

We use technology to market your home, settle on the right rental value, and track the results we’re getting from advertising, showings, and applications. We use technology to screen residents and sign leases. 

Property management allows us to manage your investment properties better. We’d love to tell you more about the tools we use, and why they matter. Please contact us at Sunburst Properties for any answers you might be seeking.