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Folsom Property Management Services

Sunburst Properties is your best choice when it comes to Folsom property management. We consider it our responsibility and our privilege to help you have a better rental experience and a more profitable investment experience. With our systems and processes working hard for you, there’s no reason why your rental property shouldn’t be earning more and losing less. Find out how we can help you be a better landlord and a more profitable property owner.

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Stop worrying about emergencies at your rental property in the middle of the night or over a holiday weekend. We’ll be there to respond. Don’t spend your own time trying to enforce a lease or chase down late rent. We’re here to do that expertly and efficiently. Our team can place the best tenants and protect your investment and your finances. Sunburst property is the Folsom property management leader.

Folsom Property Management Services for Owners

Screening and Placing Folsom Tenants

Finding the best tenants starts with the best marketing. We’re strategic about where we advertise and who we attract. Our goal is to find a great tenant quickly so you don’t lose money on vacancy costs. We’re pretty intentional about the perfect tenants. They pay rent on time, take good care of your home, and understand the expectations in their lease agreement. They’re fun to work with and easy to talk to.

We expertly rent homes throughout Folsom, including Central District, Briggs Ranch, American River Canyon, and Willow Springs.

We will work with applicants throughout the process, ensuring they provide all the required information so we can verify who they are, what they earn, and where they’ve been. When we approve a Folsom tenant, we collect the move-in funds and discuss the lease in detail. We’ll complete a thorough inspection and ensure your property’s condition is well-documented.

Our tenant placement services stretch from Historic Folsom to Prairie Oaks. We’ll put the right resident in your Folsom rental property.

Full Service Property Management and Maintenance

With a tenant in place and rent coming in, you can count on Sunburst Properties to maintain and manage your property proactively and professionally. Our excellent tenant communication leads to good relationships and high rates of tenant retention. We’ll collect rent, respond to routine and emergency maintenance needs, and keep an eye on your home to ensure your tenant is following the terms of the lease.

We’ll keep in touch with you any time there are repairs needed, and we’ll respond immediately any time your tenant has a question, needs help, or runs into a problem at your property. We protect the condition of your investment and monitor the rental market for any new trends or surprises.

We manage Folsom rental properties in zip codes 95628, 95630, 95671, and 95763.

All of the day-to-day management issues and details will be handled according to the processes and systems we have in place. We’re efficient and transparent, and you can always check your owner portal for new information.

Communication, Accounting, and Technology

The financial statements we provide are accurate and transparent. We will share your monthly income and expenses, and we’ll help you budget and plan. When you need reports that are a little more detailed, we’ll get you the information you need. Our accounting team is prepared and organized, whether it’s time to gather your tax data or you want to calculate your overall earnings for a specific period. We’re here to support all of your financial and investment goals.

Relationships define our success at Sunburst Properties. As your Folsom property managers, it’s our job to represent you to tenants, vendors, and community partners. We’re also serious about how we serve and communicate with you, the property owner. You’ll find us to be responsive and accessible. We’re here to answer questions, talk real estate strategy, and help you understand the latest laws and regulations.

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Free Rental Analysis

The Folsom rental market is strong, competitive, and always changing. Luckily, our deep market knowledge and access to the most reliable data in the industry allows us to price your property correctly. If you’re not sure about your rental value, we can help. We’ll take a look at your home’s condition, age, and size, and then we’ll consider its location. After comparing it to the competition, we’ll share the rental range and talk about where to price your property.

We can also be helpful if you’re thinking about investing in Folsom. Maybe you’ve identified an opportunity but you’re not sure how much rent you’ll earn. We can help you figure it out, and we’ll show you how we do it.

I would like to share my wonderful experience with Sunburst Property Management. They managed my rental property for the last 14 years. They selected good tenants. They were quick in preparing the house for the new tenant to move in. Jill and Madeline are wonderful to work with. Always returned my calls. Madeline was fast in getting contractors to come fix the house when needed, with a reasonable cost. We never had to worry about anything. I would highly recommended Sunburst Property.

Dung H.

Choose the Best Price For You

Leasing Only Service Bronze Silver Gold
Monthly Management Fee
0% / month
6% of Rent
7% of Rent
8% of Rent
Leasing Fee
Leasing Fee 85% of 1 Month's Rent 85% of 1 Month's Rent 75% of 1 Month's Rent 50% of 1 Month's Rent
Rental Analysis
Rental Analysis
Listing & Marketing
Listing & Marketing
Tenant Screening & Placement
Tenant Screening & Placement
Lease Preparation
Lease Preparation
Rent Collection
Rent Collection N/A
Financial Reporting
Financial Reporting N/A
Accounting N/A
Move-out Inspections
Move-out Inspections N/A
Serving Notices
Serving Notices N/A
Tenant Correspondence
Tenant Correspondence N/A
Handling Security Deposits
Handling Security Deposits N/A
24/7 Emergency Line
24/7 Emergency Line N/A
Eviction Coordination
Eviction Coordination N/A $150/Hour
Account Start Up Fee
Account Start Up Fee N/A $200 $100
FTB Compliance Fee
FTB Compliance Fee N/A $150 $100
Owner Requested Inspection
Owner Requested Inspection N/A $100 $50
New Property with existing tenant on boarding
New Property with existing tenant on boarding N/A $500 $250
City/County Inspection Fee if applicable
City/County Inspection Fee if applicable N/A $100 $50
Annual Admin Fee
Annual Admin Fee N/A $200 $150 $100
Close Out Fee
Close Out Fee N/A $300 $150 $100
Lease Extension Fee
Lease Extension Fee N/A $200 $150 $100
Maintenance & Improvements Coordination
Maintenance & Improvements Coordination 10% 10% 10% 10% (only for capital improvements over $1,000)
Lease Fee Guarantee
Lease Fee Guarantee N/A 50% 50%

Transparent Pricing. Quality Services.

Professional property management is never going to be one-size-fits-all. That’s why we have three different pricing plans so you can choose the services that fit your budget.

Our pricing is transparent. There won’t be any surprise fees or hidden charges. You will pay NO EXTRA CHARGES when you work with us. We know we offer our owners and investors services and expertise they can’t find elsewhere. When you’re wondering if you can afford to work with us, the question you should really be asking is – can you afford NOT to?

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