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Finest Screening Services In Folsom

Want a property manager who can look after your tenant screening needs? At Sunburst Properties, we have a team of experienced property managers who are responsible, reliable, and experienced at screening tenants.

We have uniquely crafted screening systems to eliminate issues related to bad tenant placements. Our tenant placement strategy considers all aspects of renting your property in addition to screening tenants. Our aim is to ensure that your Folsom tenants are an asset and not a liability.

Extensive Screening of Applications

The criteria for screening tenants is of utmost importance to us. In addition to screening the viability of the candidates’ documents, we also assess if they are cooperative, understanding, and responsible enough to take care of your home.

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While screening applicants, we gather the relevant information that shows whether they were responsible tenants throughout their rental history. We check if they have been evicted before and if yes, we fairly scrutinize the reasons for evictions.

To ensure that tenants can pay the rent on time, we verify their income sources and talk to their employer references to gauge their stability. Along with a credit report check, we see if they are spending an adequate amount on the rent.

We also ensure that all the documents provided to you by the tenant are 100% authentic. Such a practice protects you from any fraudulent residents. At Sunburst Properties, our screening process strives to know who the applicants are.


Clarification of Lease Terms

Rental application process can be overwhelming to many tenants. Therefore, we offer them the required clarity and guidance whenever necessary. We save landlords the time needed to respond to every applicant and answer their queries before finding a qualified tenant.

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With our experience, we know exactly what doubts tenants typically ‌have. Our property managers answer all their questions patiently and explain all the terms and clauses of the lease so that you and the tenant are on the same page.

We believe that your expectations related to timely rental payments, following the lease terms, and taking care of your Folsom home should be conveyed to the tenants early on. That’s exactly what our team does to ensure that the tenants know their responsibilities before moving in.

We help them gain clarity on other processes and activities in the rental. For instance, we give them an idea about any non-refundable fees like the application fees, the move-in funds, and so on to minimize any miscommunication.

Quick Tenant Placements

We know how important it is to find tenants who move in quickly. To ensure that, we follow strategic marketing techniques. We define the time required to screen every application and ensure that all the applications are rigorously screened within the least amount of time.

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While we prioritize and follow our ultra-careful screening process, we do not make the mistake of underestimating the time it takes. Once our extensive screening process is completed and we are sure about which tenants to place, we conduct a quick follow-up.

We check the status of every application as soon as possible to approve the right tenants for your property. Once they are verified, we immediately start the leasing process.

We secure the move-in funds and discuss the lease agreement at length with your tenants. We also ensure that the property is inspected, has proper documentation, and is rent-ready. Every step of leasing is as exciting for us as it can be for you.

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Free Rental Analysis

Trying to decide the right rent for your Folsom rental? Let us take over!

Many Folsom landlords are often concerned about setting the rental price for their property. Setting a higher price often comes with the risk of losing tenants. On the other hand, setting a lower rental price comes with the disadvantage of losing potential profits.

We can help you strike the balance between the current market rate and how much your property is worth. Our thorough market research of your neighborhood and analysis of rental properties similar to yours enables us to hone in on rental patterns. We also take additional considerations into our calculations, such as the space, location, and amenities of your Folsom property.

With this data, we help you set the most appropriate rent for your Folsom rental, ensuring a profitable return on investment.

Get associated with Sunburst Properties to get in-depth data-driven insights for making informed decisions.

I would like to share my wonderful experience with Sunburst Property Management. They managed my rental property for the last 14 years. They selected good tenants. They were quick in preparing the house for the new tenant to move in. Jill and Madeline are wonderful to work with. Always returned my calls. Madeline was fast in getting contractors to come fix the house when needed, with a reasonable cost. We never had to worry about anything. I would highly recommended Sunburst Property.

Dung H.

What Is It Like To Work With Us?

Having been in the real estate business since 1987, we have significantly grown and expanded our reach in the field because of one reason – our passion for real estate.

With our experience and expertise, we simplify the challenging job of being a landlord for our clients. An in-depth idea of current market trends, consistent research, and seamless communication ensure that our findings benefit all our clients.

We know what steps can help a landlord multiply their revenue. We’ve tried and tested out multiple strategies to identify which work the best and developed them further‌.

Dedication is our middle name. We are as committed to the success of your Folsom property as you are and it shows in our work.

Try entrusting your Folsom rental to us and see the results yourself!

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