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Granite Bay Property Management Services for Landlords and Investors

Sunburst Properties represents the best in Granite Bay property management, and as the leaders in this market, we believe it’s our job to help you have a positive investment experience. We want you to earn more and spend less, and we also want you to worry less. Property management comes with a lot of risk. We take that risk off your plate and offer you a stress-free management model.

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It’s your Granite Bay property managers at Sunburst Properties who will respond to tenant emergencies over the holiday weekends. We’re here to professionally enforce your lease and collect your rent. Stop worrying about whether you know how to pick the right tenant – we’ll do that for you. We’ll also handle the security deposit, maintenance, and all the laws and regulations involved in renting out property.

Granite Bay Property Management Services for Owners

Tenant Placement and Leasing

Vacancies are expensive, so we’ve designed a leasing process that ensures your property is marketed effectively. We’ll target well-qualified tenants who have reliable income, good credit, and great landlord references. Our leasing process makes the entire operation efficient and well-documented. We’ll market the home, show the home, and screen great tenants for the home.

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We expertly lease homes in zip code 95746 and the surrounding areas.

After we’ve found and approved a great tenant, we’ll manage the leasing process with a rental agreement that protects your interests. We’ll discuss the rental agreement with your tenant, answer any questions, and collect the first month’s rent and security deposit.

Property Management Technology

At Sunburst Properties, nothing is more important than the relationships we develop with our owners and our tenants. We respect the responsibility that we have to all of our clients, and our goal is to develop respectful, professional, and mutually beneficial relationships. As property management leaders in Granite Bay, we want to be your resource for everything pertaining to the local rental market.

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We’re responsive to all the phone calls and messages we receive. We also invest in technology to help you communicate with us better. Our property management software helps us manage your home more effectively. We can collect applications and rent online, document every maintenance request, and provide you with information when you need it the most.

Investment Property Accounting and Reporting

Money matters can be a little dicey. We’re managing one of your largest assets, and you want to make sure all of the financial reporting is accurate and accountable. That’s our goal, too, and we’re completely transparent in the way we manage your money. You’ll receive financial statements every month with your rental payment, detailing the income you received and the expenses that were deducted. We’ll also provide end-of-year statements and reports that will help you with your tax filings.

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At Sunburst Properties, we provide an online portal, where you can see the rent that’s coming in, view invoices that are due for repairs, and verify any other documentation that you need. We’re happy to run reports for you and provide you with all of the information you need at tax time. We make all the information you see available for downloads.

Property Management and Maintenance

Our work isn’t done once a great tenant has moved into your investment property. The process continues, and at Sunburst Properties we will continue to maintain and protect your asset. Our preventative maintenance plans ensure it remains in good condition. Our inspections will ensure the tenant is following the terms of our rental agreement. We’ll stay in touch with the tenants and with you, and we’ll work closely with all parties to ensure your property is performing as you expect it to, and to ensure the tenants are satisfied.

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Happy tenants lead to longer lease renewals,and that’s good news for your Return on Investment (ROI).

Other day-to-day management issues and details will be handled expertly and efficiently. We’ll communicate with you as often as you’d like, and always keep your owner portal up to date.

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Free Rental Analysis

As a real estate investor in Granite Bay, you’re not alone if you’re wondering how much your properties will rent for on the local market. All property owners want to know this, and at Sunburst Properties, we can tell you. Our local experience and industry knowledge allows us to price your property correctly, ensuring we limit your vacancy time and attract the best possible tenants.

If you’re wondering how much you can earn in rent, contact us at tell us a little about your property. Location, condition, and competition will all play a role in what you can charge. We’ll give you an estimate and provide you with a free rental analysis.

I would like to share my wonderful experience with Sunburst Property Management. They managed my rental property for the last 14 years. They selected good tenants. They were quick in preparing the house for the new tenant to move in. Jill and Madeline are wonderful to work with. Always returned my calls. Madeline was fast in getting contractors to come fix the house when needed, with a reasonable cost. We never had to worry about anything. I would highly recommended Sunburst Property.

Dung H.

Choose the Best Price For You

Leasing Only Service Bronze Silver Gold
Monthly Management Fee
0% / month
6% of Rent
7% of Rent
8% of Rent
Leasing Fee
Leasing Fee 85% of 1 Month's Rent 85% of 1 Month's Rent 75% of 1 Month's Rent 50% of 1 Month's Rent
Rental Analysis
Rental Analysis
Listing & Marketing
Listing & Marketing
Tenant Screening & Placement
Tenant Screening & Placement
Lease Preparation
Lease Preparation
Rent Collection
Rent Collection N/A
Financial Reporting
Financial Reporting N/A
Accounting N/A
Move-out Inspections
Move-out Inspections N/A
Serving Notices
Serving Notices N/A
Tenant Correspondence
Tenant Correspondence N/A
Handling Security Deposits
Handling Security Deposits N/A
24/7 Emergency Line
24/7 Emergency Line N/A
Eviction Coordination
Eviction Coordination N/A $150/Hour
Account Start Up Fee
Account Start Up Fee N/A $200 $100
FTB Compliance Fee
FTB Compliance Fee N/A $150 $100
Owner Requested Inspection
Owner Requested Inspection N/A $100 $50
New Property with existing tenant on boarding
New Property with existing tenant on boarding N/A $500 $250
City/County Inspection Fee if applicable
City/County Inspection Fee if applicable N/A $100 $50
Annual Admin Fee
Annual Admin Fee N/A $200 $150 $100
Close Out Fee
Close Out Fee N/A $300 $150 $100
Lease Extension Fee
Lease Extension Fee N/A $200 $150 $100
Maintenance & Improvements Coordination
Maintenance & Improvements Coordination 10% 10% 10% 10% (only for capital improvements over $1,000)
Lease Fee Guarantee
Lease Fee Guarantee N/A 50% 50%

Transparent Pricing. Quality Services.

Professional property management is never going to be one-size-fits-all. That’s why we have three different pricing plans so you can choose the services that fit your budget.

Our pricing is transparent. There won’t be any surprise fees or hidden charges. You will pay NO EXTRA CHARGES when you work with us. We know we offer our owners and investors services and expertise they can’t find elsewhere. When you’re wondering if you can afford to work with us, the question you should really be asking is – can you afford NOT to?

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