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Gordon Property Management offers full service property management.

Get something that you want and need

Since 1987, we have been successfully managing properties for investors like you. We know that your property is different and your goals are significant. The management plan we craft for you will reflect who you are, what you want, and why you’re here.

The San Francisco Bay area is a unique rental market. As a landlord here, you’ve probably been confused at least once by new fair housing regulations, rent control ordinances, and the vast range in rental prices. Your success depends on expert property management.

We perform at a higher level than other companies.

We’re Gordon Property Management.


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Service A

Extensive marketing of vacant units

Service C

Screening and selection of qualified tenants

Service B

Coordinating work to prepare unit for new tenants

Service D

Preparing and executing up-to-date Rental Agreements

Call Us Today - (415) 554-8812

Coordinate all necessary maintenance through our carefully trained maintenance staff

We had a faucet leak in our bathtub. The plumber arrived promptly and was friendly and got right to work. He fixed our leak and we haven’t had a problem since. The only mild negative that happened was that we didn’t know he was coming when he arrived. We got a message to call to set up a time, and before we had a chance to call back he showed up.



I’ve had a postive experience dealing with the company. Searching for real estate in SF is a soul sucking process, but my interactions were positive and professional. I felt good about the experience and that the leasing agent was helpful in the process.



Incredible property management company! Very personable and prompt with every request. They make life easier and I’m extremely pleased with their service and team!



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Call Us Today - (415) 554-8812

The latest technology in the industry allows us to provide most of our services online, from applying for an apartment to receiving monthly cash distributions.

Gordon Property Management

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Email: stephanie@gpmsf.com
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We Serve San Francisco and the greater bay area.