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Roseville Rent Collection

We have talked to landlords who struggle with collecting rent on time. You shouldn’t be chasing down overdue rent from your tenants. It’s a waste of time and it impedes your cash flow. At Sunburst Properties, we can provide tenants with a number of different ways to pay, meeting their needs and keeping the process secure, consistent, and convenient. What does that mean for you? Faster payments and fewer hassles. Check your online portal, and you’ll see exactly when rent was paid and when we deposited it into your account. We know California’s strict security deposit law, and eviction is rare. Our rent and deposit policies are designed to protect your asset and your cash flow.

Consistent Rent Collection Policies Lead to On-Time Payments

Nearly all the Roseville tenants we work with prefer to pay their rent online. Good property management software makes that easy and safe. Your residents simply have to log into their tenant portals and type in their payment details.

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Tenants appreciate their options; they can make a one-time payment, schedule upcoming payments, or ask for reminders when rent is due. Experience has shown us that online payments lead to on-time payments.

While most of our tenants are tech-friendly, not everyone loves online payments, and we understand that. So, we provide additional methods of payment for tenants who aren’t ready to go online. Our team doesn’t wait for rent to be late; we work with tenants to ensure rent is paid in full and on time when it’s expected. Our rent collection policy is clearly outlined in the lease agreement, and we enforce it consistently.

We’re confident that rent will be paid on time because a history of on-time payments is one of the things we screen for when we’re placing a resident in your property.

Protecting cash flow throughout Roseville and the surrounding neighborhoods.

Understanding Roseville Security Deposits

Security deposit law in California is sometimes confusing, especially if you’re not sure of the requirements or you’re new to renting out a home. You might have questions about how much you can collect, whether it’s refundable or non-refundable, and if you can deduct for cleaning and nail holes in the walls.

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At Sunburst Properties, we know the law well, and that means tenant disputes are rare. We manage a thorough inspection before a tenant moves in, documenting the property’s condition in extreme detail. There’s little room for error in our process.

Tenants expect their security deposit to be returned in full, and the law requires that we do it within 21 days of move-out. To expedite the process and eliminate confusion, we remind tenants of their responsibilities before they move out so they’re not surprised if we withhold security deposit funds for cleaning and repairs. We also take care of the following:

  • Offering a pre-move out inspection as required by law.

  • Creating inspection reports with photos.

  • Itemizing any deductions and including invoices, work orders, and receipts.

  • Meeting with tenants to work through any questions or potential disputes.

Security deposit mistakes often lead to court and expensive penalties. We won’t let that happen. We trust our process, and you can too.

Avoiding Eviction Saves Money

Evicting a tenant in California has never been easy, but now it’s more complex than ever. Following the law and keeping careful track of your correspondence and process is critical. If you decide to evict, you’ll be required to prove there’s a just cause for the eviction.

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This might be nonpayment of rent or a lease violation or criminal activity. If there’s no cause to evict and you simply want your property back, prepare to pay the tenant a relocation fee.

At Sunburst Properties, we know what’s expected and we know what’s required to comply with the law. Our eviction rate is tremendously low, and we’re proud of that. Evictions are rare because we’re careful with our due diligence. We have a rigorous screening process. Our tenant relationships are professional and respectful, and we make sure we’re working together to take care of your property. We know that evictions are expensive and time-consuming, and not the way to enjoy a successful investment experience.

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Free Rental Analysis

The Roseville rental market is strong, competitive, and always changing. Luckily, our deep market knowledge and access to the most reliable data in the industry allows us to price your property correctly. If you’re not sure about your rental value, we can help. We’ll take a look at your home’s condition, age, and size, and then we’ll consider its location. After comparing it to the competition, we’ll share the rental range and talk about where to price your property.

We can also be helpful if you’re thinking about investing in Roseville. Maybe you’ve identified an opportunity but you’re not sure how much rent you’ll earn. We can help you figure it out, and we’ll show you how we do it.

I would like to share my wonderful experience with Sunburst Property Management. They managed my rental property for the last 14 years. They selected good tenants. They were quick in preparing the house for the new tenant to move in. Jill and Madeline are wonderful to work with. Always returned my calls. Madeline was fast in getting contractors to come fix the house when needed, with a reasonable cost. We never had to worry about anything. I would highly recommended Sunburst Property.

Dung H.

Working with Sunburst Properties

When you’re looking for professional property management in Roseville, you need to consider the value and the services you’re getting for your property management fees. At Sunburst Properties, we know we’re your best resource for property management and investment advice.

Our pricing structure is competitive and transparent. There won’t be any surprise fees or hidden charges. You will pay NO EXTRA CHARGES when you work with us. We know we offer our owners and investors services and expertise they can’t find elsewhere. When you’re wondering if you can afford to work with us, the question you should really be asking is – can you afford NOT to?

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